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What exactly is it? Life force. Chi? Prana? Heat, vigor, potency?? Vibrancy, passion, luminescence? There are a zillion names. To me it’s the stuff that transmits through the ether, think view or read full blog.

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How Might I Best Serve YOU?

"Assisting you, your team, class or organization in exploring better fitting solutions in business and life is my foremost passion.

Encouraging creative possibilities is what I do best! I’d be honored to assist in your journey forward!"
BB Webb

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The Benefit of Coaching

Having a coach to assist you in your own personal journey as a business owner, assisting with accountability and setting up necessary processes and protocols in your company can save you time, money and help you to hire the right team to grow your business. Please reach out us to take an assessment to see if you might benefit from having BB as your own personal business coach!

"Your respect and the mentoring you have given me over the years has been priceless….you have helped shape and mold me, my business, my staff and changed me as a person and a professional." - Tara Tomlinson, Owner, Sugar Kneads

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